Polka Dot Polish Review

I always scope out what nail polishes are on clearance when I shop at Target. My most recent trip resulted in me picking up this little polka dot polish. The polish is from the Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots Collection and is in the shade “Drops of Jade.”

I love it. I’ve always gravitated toward green polishes, even in elementary school when a teacher told me my light green polish looked like a fungus.

This polish is muted teal color with white and black dots in it. The dots are basically like the sparkle confetti pieces you would find in any chunky glitter polish, but they don’t shine or sparkle. It gives a very speckled egg look that I love.

Here it is after only 5 days of wear;nails1

Almost no chips whatsoever, and all I have on is a basic topcoat. The gap at the top shows that my nails are growing super fast, guess those hair/skin/nails vitamins really work.

I love wearing nail polishes that are a little out of the norm, but fear that they’re sometimes too bold for work. I think the toned down nature of this is perfect for everyday wear!


My Love/Hate Relationship With Living Alone

10 Reasons I love living alone:
  1. I can wear or not wear whatever I want around my apartment. Do my clothes have to match? Nope. Do I have to wear them? No. Can I change my clothes 8 times in twenty minutes till I find the perfect level of comfort? Yessir.
  2. There’s no weird food in the fridge, unless I’ve put it there myself. No one else is leaving a bowl of used steak marinade in the fridge for 8 months (this actually happened) or taking the liquid/juice out of my jar of pickles (also a true story).
  3. No one is waking me up other than my alarm or the sun.
  4. I have my own bathroom. This never happened till I lived alone. I grew up with my four person family sharing one bathroom and always shared in college. I never want to share my bathroom, shower, or counter space ever again. Sorry Carlos.
  5. No pressure to do things. Sometime I really need to do laundry but don’t feel like it, so I do not and no one says anything.
  6. My things stay exactly where I put them. With the exception of Carlos unplugging my blow-dryer every time he comes over (yes I notice), nothing in my apartment moves unless I move it which makes finding things pretty easy.
  7. I don’t have to make my bed for fold the blankets on my couch for fear surprise guests will see them.
  8. My Netflix choices are left un-judged. Did I watch Hercules the other day while doing laundry, and sing along very loudly? Yes, yes I did.
  9. There’s no worry about strangers being in my apartment. The idea that a stranger will see my bedroom very much bothers me. I don’t keep things overly tidy all the time so having someone else see my un-made bed, dirty laundry, full trashcan, or leftover dishes unnerves me.
  10. There’s something about having your own space that has no comparison. Everything is yours, you put it all there, no one is going to take it, no one is going to move it, and you can do whatever you want.
10 reasons I hate living alone:
  1. I have no idea what the weather is like. Usually I was not the first person to step outside of my apartment/house, so others could always tell me what Mother Nature was up to. I know, I could check a weather app or pop my head outside. But its a little thing that I always asked my roommate of four years and she often described the weather in clothes (definitely a jeans day or not a good dress day or yeah flip flops are fine today) terms which I miss very much.
  2. The What-Was-That-Noise Game. Roommates make is easy to shrug off unknown noises. When you live alone you just imagine a burglar or murder sitting in your living room waiting for you to check on the noise.
  3. No one else cleans. Literally no one. Magic dishes fairies are not going to do those dishes.
  4. The fear of falling/dying and never being found is REAL. Of course Carlos would realize after a bit that something was up, but I have no idea how long it’d take him to realize I didn’t lose my phone or fall asleep. If I fell at night, he might think I fell asleep and then he’d go to work the next day and it could be a whole 20 hours of just laying there before he comes over (yes these are things I think about).
  5. When I’m out of toothpaste, shampoo, butter, eggs, shoes I want to wear, or anything else… I cannot borrow it from my roommate because she does not exist.
  6. Rent & utilities.
  7. Bugs. They don’t kill themselves. And I cannot kill them, look at them, or dispose of them. Thank the Lord for Carlos.
  8. No one approves or disapproves or improves my outfits before I walk out the door. I feel like I should hire someone for this. But walking out the door, having only my own judgement to go on for what I will wear for the next 10 hours at minimum can cause mishaps.
  9. Although this is on my likes list…. No one to wake you up except your own alarm or the sun. If I oversleep for work, there is not a chance anyone else will see I’ve overslept and wake me up in time to quickly get out the door. Which happened more times than it should have in college.
  10. It gets eerily quiet. Walking into the dark, quiet apartment at night will never not be creepy.

One Year

One year ago, on February 6th, I found out that I was chosen to be hired by a job in San Antonio, TX. Ever since then its been a busy year…

I accepted my first full time, with benefits, big girl, real world job.

I applied for my first apartment.

I realized how much crap I own.

My dad fit all that crap into a small trailer.

I said goodbye to the East Coast.

I said goodbye to my first car.

I said goodbye to the mountains,

to the bone chillingly cold weather,

to the snow,

and my home.

I said see ya later to my friends and family.

The fact that my parents love me was reconfirmed,

as they drove me across the country,

while I as a coughing sick mess,

all the way to Texas.

I forgot my bike.

I said hello to my first apartment.

I said hello to my first HEB shopping trip.

I bought a car.

I said hello to my first day of work,

and Texas traffic.

I made a budget and paid bills.

I discovered a new kind of responsibility.

I embraced my crock-pot and cooking skills.

I conquered cockroaches.

Haha just kidding,

they’ll always be terrifying.

I changed my address.

I lived in the same city as Carlos,

for the first time since 2005.

I was welcomed into his family with open arms.

I was given Rainbow loom bracelets,

a lot beautiful drawings,

home cooked meals,

and the nickname Cheese.

I discovered what hot weather really feels like.

I went to kid’s basketball games, soccer games, and swim meets,

birthday parties, and school shows.

I found myself uttering my dad’s famous words, “I said stop not slow down.”

And my mom’s “I’m running out of pie.”

I discovered the joy of having younger siblings.

I missed my family, and the mountains.

But I went home to visit,

to celebrate birthdays and holidays.

I had my first visitors in my own place.

I explored San Antonio,

the parks and zoo,

the farmer’s market,

the river walk,

60 oz margaritas,


and barbeque.

I got to date my boyfriend.

I saw new movies with him,

discovered new restaurants,

laughed harder than ever,

and saw him more times in a month

than I had in the past year.

We’ve shared more of ourselves,

discovered our most annoying habits,

found the perfect couch cuddling position,

watched so much Breaking Bad together,

and still found ways to surprise each other.

And I fell in love with him all over again.

In the past year I’ve fallen in love repeatedly,

with the love of my life

and with the open Texas sky.

Texas Weather

The weather and seasons in Texas are so different than Maryland. We’re only seven days into November and the temperatures so far have been anywhere from 53 degrees to 85 degrees! When I think of November, I’m ready to put on boots, scarves, gloves, and a jacket before I go outside. Yet that it not the norm here. The weather has been really nice lately, especially after the time fell back and the evenings are beautifully cool. The sky has be quite beautiful as well.


I love looking up in the evening to be caught off guard by this beautiful sky. Now that November is progressing it is more cool than warm outside, and I’ve already freed my scarves from their storage prison. I’m so ready for any cool days that Texas has to offer. I hope the beautiful weather continues because my Mom is coming to visit and I want Texas to show off it’s nice Autumn days!

Christmas is coming…. No wait it’s here

Christmas Collage

There is an infestation of all things Christmas and holiday at my local Target. I ventured in yesterday to pick up a few groceries, since my Target is a Super Target, and would not have guessed that it was the first week of November. I’m all about Christmas, I love it and the candy and the smells and foods and everything. However I know most people feel that it’s way too early to start celebrating Christmas, because Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet! I pretty much agree, but I do know I’ll probably start listening to Christmas music soon because I can’t resist.

Speaking of things I cannot resist, I have to admit that I bought two of the things in those pictures… Sugar-free Peppermint Mocha Coffeemate Creamer and a small box of Candy Canes. Coffeemate’s version of the Peppermint Mocha creamer is by far the best! It’s my all time favorite flavor and the only time I can find the extra large bottle of the sugar-free variety is around the holidays. I’ll will definitely be stocking up. I also just love Candy Canes and feel no shame in purchasing these within the first five days of November.


One thing I will be going back for when I find a Glade coupon, which are usually easy to find, is this candle. I currently burn their 2 in 1 Apple Cinnamon Cheer and Creamy Custard candle all the time and love it. I will either be picking up this 2 in 1 version, or maybe just the Sparkling Spruce because it is a very light and sweet pine candle. I can’t wait till I put up my tree and decorate my apartment for the first time and string up all my lights and burn some Christmas candles. Enough about Christmas though, lets enjoy Autumn while we can!

Beauty on a Budget

Make up is expensive. Let’s not beat around the bush. Make-up isn’t all cheap, and it’s one of those things that I’m not sure should be, but you can keep up a make-up routine on a budget. There are a few ways that I do beauty on a budget, without completely sacrificing quality. Here are a few of my beauty products that don’t break my budget.

ELF Blush and Bronzer

E.L.F. Blush: Has a rosy pink blush, a gold bronze, a dark bronzer, and a light powder for highlighting. For $3 at my local grocery store, it is quite the bargain! I use it to contour or sometimes I just swirl my brush in all of it, to get a bit of color for an everyday look.

ELF Eye Shadow

E.L.F. Eye Palette: I got this eye shadow palette at a Ross about a year ago for… I’m not sure the exact price but it was under $5. I’ve had it for awhile, which is why it’s pretty grimy looking, sorry! It has a lot of colors for any occasion. E.L.F. brand is so amazing because it’s basics for cheap. I use a few of the metal and nude tones quite frequently, for my everyday work make up. I’m a nudes and naturals kind of gal myself, preferring browns and golds to anything else.

NYM Hair Cream

Not Your Mother’s Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream: I used to use Redken’s Ultimate Blow-Dry Lotion which comes with a price, a $18 a bottle price at Ulta. When my last bottle ran dry it seemed so silly to spend so much money on a hair product when I am budgeting my money everywhere else. I’ve looked for different products but I could never find anything that was the same type of texture and result. I don’t do gels or mousse or “leave-in” conditioner (it makes my hair too oily), so when I found hair “cream” at about $5 and took a chance, I was very happy. This brand always has yummy, fresh smelling products that are linger the perfect amount.

NYM Clean Freak Dry Shampoo

Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo: This dry shampoo smells so good, way better than any other that I’ve tried. It also doesn’t leave very much white residue when I spray from an arms length or closer. It is a great bargain at about $5, and lasts forever (this is the only bottle I’ve owned since I found it last year). I have pretty oily hair because it’s very soft, straight, and silky…. meaning I tend to touch it a lot. My secret to using it is that I use the dry shampoo at night! Before I put it in a braid to sleep, I spray it down like crazy with this stuff, and the next day it just needs a little brushing and ta-da!

NYM Beach Spray

Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray: I have been reading a lot of reviews about beach sprays but have been feeling very skeptical because I have the world’s straightest hair. You can knot, braid, twist, or bun it and it just pops right back out. So needless to say, beach spray does not work on me like it works on everyone else. I do like it however, because when I have a nice high pony or my hair is falling extra flat, it gives the ends great texture. It smells great at the same time and makes me feel like I could be at the beach (if only). This brand is just a great bargain because this small size was about $3, the larger one being about $5.

ULTA Eye Crayon

ULTA Eye Crayon in Black Tie: I love ULTA. Trips there are very dangerous for your wallet because they have both high-end products next to drugstore-priced ones. I have found great results with ULTA brand products. Along with this liner/stick I’ve bought their face wipes, bronzer (which would be here but I lost it), tinted balm, nail polish (haven’t tried it yet), and eye-shadow. These ULTA eye crayons aren’t just for liner and come in a variety colors. I’m sure that you could use the others as eyeshadow and would make the smoky eye easy. But I use this black one as eyeliner. It is pretty heavy but goes on very smooth and creamy. Comes in at $8.00 but is almost always in a BOGO sale.

ULTA Eye Shadow

Ulta Eye Shadow in Lustre: ULTA almost always has some kind of “buy one get one” or “buy two get one” deal going on with their make-up products. These sales are the perfect opportunity to stock up on great eye-shadow colors. This one is my favorite because it is the base color I use pretty much everyday. It’s got a bit of shimmer but otherwise it blends perfectly into a darker bronze color to make a dimensional daytime look. In stores at $7.00, but worth it in the sale!

Mineral Powder

Maybelline Mineral Powder Foundation: This product is an example of one of my clearance sale finds.  I love finding things with the little 75% off sticker, like this one had! Almost all my nail polishes are from a clearance bin, because why pay $9 for nail polish or $15 for foundation when you can get them at a big discount if you look for them! I am not a big fan of heavy foundation, so these mineral powder things work perfectly. They feel light and don’t give me cake face and are so very easy to apply. Always look for clearance stickers in the aisle and clearance end-caps in larger stores!

Trial Size

Travel or Trial Size Products: I love trial size products, especially (as you can see) Redken. Buying trial size products is good for two money-saving reasons; trying out a product and buying an occasional use product. Out of these, the Redken Powder Refresh dry shampoo, NYM’s Beach Spray, and Redken Blown Away gel were bought so I could try the product without committing to a large, expensive bottle. I don’t love the Redken dry shampoo because it smells strongly of hair salon smell, and I’d rather have something much more subtle. The other items, like the Redken Quick Tease and Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things perfume, are items that I don’t use everyday and knew that I could save a few bucks by getting a smaller size. I tend to find something, and use it everyday, so small items for special occasions are way more cost efficient for me.