Polka Dot Polish Review

I always scope out what nail polishes are on clearance when I shop at Target. My most recent trip resulted in me picking up this little polka dot polish. The polish is from the Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots Collection and is in the shade “Drops of Jade.”

I love it. I’ve always gravitated toward green polishes, even in elementary school when a teacher told me my light green polish looked like a fungus.

This polish is muted teal color with white and black dots in it. The dots are basically like the sparkle confetti pieces you would find in any chunky glitter polish, but they don’t shine or sparkle. It gives a very speckled egg look that I love.

Here it is after only 5 days of wear;nails1

Almost no chips whatsoever, and all I have on is a basic topcoat. The gap at the top shows that my nails are growing super fast, guess those hair/skin/nails vitamins really work.

I love wearing nail polishes that are a little out of the norm, but fear that they’re sometimes too bold for work. I think the toned down nature of this is perfect for everyday wear!