Empty Bottle Review- Olay Cleanser

Recently I was watching some of my favorite beauty YouTubers Sprinkle of Glitter and Zoella, and one of them pointed out that there two kinds of people when it comes to beauty products. There are people who love to open new products, and take great joy in the first swipe, pump, or use of a product. Then there are other people who love using a product to the very last drop, and get great satisfaction from seeing a totally empty bottle.

I am most certainly the first type of person. I love getting new bottles of shampoo or face lotion, breaking the seal and seeing the clean top. Or opening a new blush or powder, and seeing the perfect untouched surface. It’s just so amazing. It’s like exploring untouched land, and being the first person to walk on pristine, perfect, unscathed ground. If I see that I am running low on a product, I make sure I pick up a refill and then I get too excited to wait so I open it right away…. and never empty bottles or use up my make up. Ever.

Until now! I squeezed out my face wash to the very last drop and didn’t open my new one until I was certain I could get no more out. So I figured I’d do a little empty bottle review of my face wash since it’s the best facewash ever.

Side by side

Full, pretty, new bottle on the left. Empty, totally used up bottle on the right.

I have been using Olay Pore Minimizing Cleanser + Scrub for quite a long time now. I was attracted to it because of the swirls and bright colors (packaging and appearance really affect my purchases, I’m a big sucker for anything pretty, shiny, sparkly, and attractive). And once I used it, I was hooked. It is the most gentle exfoliation I have ever felt, and you can use it every day without damaging you skin. I have oily skin with minimal acne, and large pores. This really helps in all areas. The benefits of exfoliation are great, and I’ve always felt that exfoliating makes my skin feel fresh and renewed, and it feels this way every morning.

I just love how it looks in the bottle and how you pump it out instead of a tube like a lot of face washes. I will continue to purchase this product over and over again. The last time I needed to buy it, I actually went to three stores before I could find it. My skin care routine is not very complicated, compared to some people who use like 10 products a day just to prep their skin for make up. I wash my face and use moisturizer. And then once or twice a week I use a facial mask. Not too much more needed for my skin! But this swirly, almost sparkling face wash is vital to my everyday routine. I mean just look at how beautiful it is, it cannot come as a shock that it makes my skin beautiful! I will continue to empty more of these bottles, and will get the most out of my products so that I can save money on future products.