Mexican Food is calorie free, right?

I’m in TEXAS! I currently live on the Eastern Shore where I’ve lived all of my life. But I’m relocating to be closer to Mr. Wonderful, who lives in Texas. In order to job search, interview, and look at apartments I am visiting him and his family for 10 days. I am very happy to get to see him, even though he works 8am-5pm everyday. I’ve visited this great state at least ten times in the past five years but I’ve never been able to think about living here. It has completely changed my perspective visiting. I am now trying to remember road names, grocery stores, restaurants, and just getting a feel for the area.

What I’m thinking that I’ll have to adjust to the most is the food! Mr. Wonderful lives in the southern part of the state, so the Mexican cuisine is out of this world. As is the barbeque. And the sweet tea. Usually when I visit I am in vacation mode, and we all know that calories don’t count on vacation! But will I be able to shake this vacation mindset when I move here?

So far I’ve had Mexican food every single day. From enchiladas to queso to breakfast tacos, I can feel the potential pounds packing themselves onto my middle. I’m getting in some casual activities, and all the apartments I am looking at have fitness center (no crazy expensive gym membership!), so I plan on being active once I call this state my home. But unless I run 20 miles a day, I think I’ll still have watch how much Mexican I eat. The biggest issue, which is also the most delicious issue, are the tortillas. Fresh, homemade tortillas are like no other food you have tasted. By themselves they are a belt-buster, but then you load them with meat, cheeses, and sauces and you are asking to go up a few dress sizes. The key, as always, is moderation. Boring, bland, moderation. Obviously the idea of moderation does not excite me. I think what’s better for me is only eating the things I actually want, not whatever is set down in front of me. I usually eat chips and salsa, rice, beans, sweet tea, extra tortillas, and extra tacos out of habit/convenience. If it’s right there, why not? I’ll have to instead put myself in the state of mind to eat what I want to eat, not everything in site. This is applicable to everyday life as well! Don’t think of it as saying no to some things, think of it as saying YES to the foods you want!