Breakfast of Champions


I’ve had some successes in the past week. I lost 3.8lbs in a week! Which means I reached my 5% goal of the total amount of weight I’d like to lose. I am partially attributing this amount of weight lost to being sick with a cold. Being sick burns more calories right?? Or is that just something I tell myself because I have the sick munchies? But now I am really trying to make sure I don’t gain it all back right away. I thought I’d post about breakfast because it’s the most important meal of the day and I truly think it has a lot to do with weight loss/healthy eating.

I used to never eat breakfast, and I would always be a ravenous beast by the time noon rolled around. This meant that I would get food that I was craving and would make me feel like I was full, which usually included something fried with lots of cheese. Now I am a true believer in eating breakfast, and if I’m hungry at 10:30 am I eat some fruit. It’s actually 10:30 right now and I’m munching on an apple.

My typical breakfast always includes coffee. I go back and forth with trying to give up coffee because I’m a creamer addict and that’s not always healthy. But I found that sugar-free creamer is delicious and I need that morning caffeine boost. Along with the coffee I have either a microwave breakfast sandwich or a protein bar. This morning I had a Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna bar (8 grams of protein, 5 points in WW), which is one of my favorites! I also love Cliff Builder Bars (7 points in WW) for mornings where I know I won’t eat lunch till later because they have 20 g protein. The breakfast sandwiches I usually get are from the frozen section of the grocery store, and they have 6 WW points a piece. I usually try to keep breakfast, including coffee, under 8 points. Eating breakfast is just so important because even though I’m now eating 3 meals a day, as opposed to the 2 I used to eat, I can control my portions and hunger at each meal.

The other part of my breakfast, as you can see in the picture, consists of vitamins! I am not a doctor and I do not recommend that everyone begin taking every vitamin or supplement that I currently take, these are just the ones that I have found work for my nutritional needs and lifestyle. I take fish oil (enteric coated is a must!), biotin, calcium, a gummy multivitamin, and the little one is acid reflux medication (not a vitamin but entirely necessary for me). Mr. Wonderful got me started on the fish oil when he started taking it this summer. I take the biotin because I want to grow my hair long but I want it to be healthy, because stringy straw-like long hair is not attractive. I take calcium because I had to do a nutrition analysis for a health class I took during my undergrad, and found that I never meet my daily calcium intake. I was also falsely diagnosed with lactose intolerance for about 2 months earlier in 2012, and ever since then the only dairy I intake regularly is cheese. I love the gummy multivitamin, this one is a women’s version, because regular tablet multivitamins make me intensely nauseous. And I’ve had acid reflux most of my life so it’s been part of my breakfast for a long time.

The only thing missing from this is probably fruit. But I try to stretch breakfast out out by eating the fruit around 10:30am. This is my breakfast of champions! It makes me feel full enough but not stuffed, and it doesn’t leave me crazy hungry by lunchtime. As I lose weight I will get my points decreased in WW, so I’ll have to figure how to get my breakfast a little lower. But it’s really all about balancing your day, which has to start in the morning!