How a Pinterest Addiction can be a Good Thing

My addiction to Pinterest started very intensely. I created an account and within DAYS I had over a hundred pins re-pinned to my 8 boards. Since then, I started in about April of this year, I have pinned 3,278 pins onto 11 boards. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter and Doctor Who so they get their own boards, and other than that I have your typical recipe board, health board, hair and clothes, crafting, wedding (nope, not engaged or married), boyfriend board, a funnies board, and my two most recent- a Quotes board and a Christmas board. Lately though I have been getting the most practical use out of my food board. I pin new recipes all the time. Unfortunately on Pinterest the Food & Drink category has about 50% junk/chocolate/fried/cookies/tie-dye cakes/100-types-of-cupcakes-food and 30% “healthy” recipes, and 20% that have somewhat healthy recipes with ridiculous captions like “10 calorie peanut butter cheesecake chocolate milkshake, best I’ve ever had” that is most certainly not 10 calories once you look at the recipe.
Despite this imbalance of useful recipes for someone who is trying to eat healthy, I have dug through the pins and found some excellent recipes lately! I have made Chicken Pot Pie stew in the crock pot, Easy Garlic Chicken, Pumpkin Cupcakes/Muffins (its just cake mix and canned pumpkin!), The Easiest Pot Roast, Spaghetti Squash au gratin, Zucchini Tots, Spicy Hawaiian Chicken Burgers, and I have a few others planned for the days ahead. I’ve also gotten really into freezer meals, which is where you cut up, mix up, and prep the ingredients for a meal ahead of time to freeze until you need them. Last weekend I made about 14 freezer meals and they make dinner SO MUCH EASIER. For example, last night we wanted meatloaf. So yesterday morning I pulled the pre-mixed meatloaf out of the freezer to thaw all day, and an hour before we wanted to eat I put it in the oven. No fuss, no muss. NO MESS. I love cooking, when I have time. But working the 8-4/4:30/sometimes 5:00pm, it’s hard to want to cook because that involves a lot of work and a lot of clean up, not that I don’t have help from the family, but they all work too. Now we can eat healthy, easy meals courtesy of Pinterest Pinners everywhere.

So if you know anyone that you think is obsessed with Pinterest and has a “problem,” invite yourself over to their house for dinner sometime. Not only will you get a good meal, you’ll probably notice how crafty their house has become and how little blackheads they have on their face from their homemade blackhead remover and how prepared they are for their wedding despite their current relationship situation.


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